Our shop - Bas bet
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Our shop

Quality brands

To discover

At basbet you will find everything to match your look: high quality and low quality clothes of all kinds, in addition to boots, scarves, hats, umbrellas …

We have at the store some great brands of qualities that will enhance you.

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The latest


You can find at the store products that follow the style and trend of the time. The staff is there to advise you of the choices available to you to find the best piece that will highlight you.

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Our story

For our pleasure

The BasBet Boutique is first and foremost a story of heart that has lasted more than 24 years. The owner Gabrielle Gagnon wanted to offer her clientele the best clothes and accessories, made by the best brands and offering good value for money.

At Basbet it is a moment of relaxation where we feel unique and appreciated and that’s the great success of longevity here!