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Our brands

Embrace your style!



Always looking for new brands to meet the needs of its customers, you will find the big brands that will create the “wow”. Whether it’s clothes, coats, lingeries or accessories, we are confident that you will find among our great brand selection what you are looking for.

  • Saint-James ,né de la mer
  • Bleu Forêt
  • Janira
  • Yoga Jeans (Second)
  • Smartwool
  • La fée Maraboutée Paris
  • Ted Baker London
  • Secrid (portefeuilles)
  • Moment by Moment
  • Margaret O’leary ,San Francisco
  • Harris Wilson
  • Tilley chapeaux

Whether for the office, travel or outing with friends, you will always be in the versatile and stylish clothes that are worn from one season to another.

Check out our fall – winter trends

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